Your Company Can Beat COVID-19.

Don’t Let Employees Get Sick…Quarantined…Or Even Die.  
Make Sure A Full Outbreak Doesn’t Close Your Doors.

Get Advice From Someone Who Has Done This Before.

Safeguard Your People

  • Go beyond telling people to wash their hands.
  • Enact practical hygiene protocols that enable you to realize the protection that health professionals intend. 
  • Give People The Confidence To Come To Work.
  • Keep The Most Vulnerable Safe, But Still Productive.
  • Recruit and train more quickly than you ever imagined.
  • Implement a workable furlough program – keep people earning and producing.

Safeguard Your Business

  • Have Enough People There To Stay Productive.
  • Create a crisis management center and a daily meeting – stay calm, focused, and productive.
  • Develop a deployment plan so you can continue to operate despite extreme and prolonged levels of absenteeism.
  • Preserve Revenue – Develop a strategy to preserve your primary value stream, develop a secondary.
  • Engage your people, your customers, and your suppliers to expand a secondary value stream
  • Develop contingency plans and budgets, so you can stay on track; and keep your assets working for you

We’ve Been Down This Road Before.

2009 Swine Flu Mexico City

Dave Cahill and his associates at Avanulo Inc. were on the ground in Mexico during the first H1N1 outbreak.  They were in the forefront of efforts to:

  • Ensure the health and safety of employees. 
  • Preserve client’s revenue streams.
  • Maintain customer & investor confidence.

There is no teacher like experience and now Dave is ready to share what he learned during this previous outbreak with us through this FREE webinar. Avanulo’s highly pragmatic approach provides a dual focus for safeguarding your employees and safeguarding your business.  

You will get real solutions you can implement now. Nothing vague or theoretical. 

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