Help! My Days Are A Blur Leaving Me Exhausted, Dissatisfied and Empty.

Are too many of your days a blur leaving you exhausted, dissatisfied and emotionally empty? You know you were VERY busy and often on an emotional rollercoaster, but was something accomplished that was worth the cost? I believe you were created to fulfill a purpose and of your days should be fulfilling adventures.

The good news is, most of our days are better than we think…we just don’t think about them. That is where the “Personal Check-In Meeting” comes in.

You see, your life like a binder and your days are like a sheet of paper. Every day we write on that sheet of paper and then it goes in our “Life Binder”. Our lives are built one day at a time and if you “Master  Your Day, You’ll Master Your Life”.

So what goes on this sheet of paper that is our day? Well if you know me at all you know I’m a huge believer in checklists and I recommend you have quick daily meeting with yourself and just run through a checklist about what is important to you day in and day out. The important thing is you need this checklists in a form that let’s you easily look back on your last 10 days and look back further if you want to.  The daily checklist serves 2 important purposes.

  1. It defines what is truly important to us day by day. This is huge. You can’t feel like you’ve had a good day if you haven’t defined what a good day is. Conversely, you can’t really improve tomorrow if you don’t know what it is you need to work on. The checklist gives you a tool to measure your day with.
  2. The checklist records your daily reality, not your daily confusion.  Without clarifying the truth about the day and recording it you days will become a blur and you’ll feel like you’ve been wondering through life lost in the woods instead of being on a crooked path that is generally moving you in the right direction.

This it really works.  Every morning I say my prayers, read the Bible and go through my checklist. The questions are about the previous day, but of course they also serve as a reminder about what is important today. The checklist literally takes me 5 minutes. I may make a task or 2 for the day regarding a question, and then move on.

So what sort of questions do I have on my checklist.  Here they are right now. Of course, they do change over time. Life wouldn’t be much of an adventure if things didn’t change.

  • Today’s Date
  • Did I fail to allow Jesus to keep my thoughts pure yesterday?
  • Did I fail to exercise yesterday?
  • What was my eating yesterday and what is my weight this morning?
  • Did I fail to go to sleep with my wife yesterday?
  • Was I afraid, dishonest, resentful or selfish yesterday?
  • Is there something I need to discuss with someone soon?
  • Do I need to ask someone or God for forgiveness or forgive someone else?
  • Did I review and pray about my schedule and tasks for today?
  • Did I fail to prayerfully decide what was the most important task for today?
  • Did I fail to do what was most important yesterday?

Now to make this really powerful you track this on graph paper, a spreadsheet or the free Arena Success Group app and you make sure it is color coded. How does that work?

  • If the question answer is good use Green if it isn’t use Red.
  • You can also track numbers or a scale by use more colors and a range like Crisis, Poor, Good, Excellent & Blue Sky.

Doing this will allow you to easily look back and see how you are doing. Below is a past shot of my meeting records kept in the ASG app. I think the picture will help you see what we are trying to do. Now don’t expect this to solve all your problems, but it will be a step in the right direction.






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