Making Life An Amazing Adventure

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Updating Your Focus Information #

  • On Your Computer (Video)
  • On Your Phone (Video)

Getting Focused #

My Purpose #
My Values – Your Standards Of Behavior #
My Vision – Seeing Your Life As A Success #
My Dreams – Dreams Make Your Life An Adventure #

Making Your Life An Adventure #

Use A Personal Check-In Meeting #
Planning Your Weeks & Days #
    • Every Minute Spend Planning Saves You 8-12 In Execution…and a mountain of anxiety
      • If you are busy, spend 30 minutes planning your day
      • If you are VERY busy, spend an hour.
    • Plan Your Week Well, And Spend Less Time Planning Each Day.
      • A well planned week makes your daily planning dramatically easier.
      • A week is a great “sprint” period.
        • Prepare – Go Hard – Assess – Repeat
  • Want A Great Week – Plan It (Video)
  • Master Your Day  (Video)

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