Discover Your Life Purpose

You can just sit down and write your purpose statement…but you shouldn’t.  If you do you’ll likely come up with something that is OK, but you won’t have actually opened your mind and heart up to all the possibilities and the things that really matter to us. We are all very good a fooling and limiting ourselves, especially if we are in a hurry.  This is important, take the time to really think this through.

Below is a link to a process I created and published in RightNow Media @Work. The process asks you question that will help you see what actions and values you truly admire. It’s not an exercise limited just to who you are and what you have done, but who you hope to become and do in the future. Give it a chance, you’ll be happy you did.

It’s not super difficult, but it will take you more the 30 minutes. I’ve done a 12 week course on it with a group, and they loved the camaraderie, but that was a little over the top.  I’ve reduced it down to 4 steps. I would recommend you take a couple day break between each step, but again, that isn’t necessary.

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Discover Your Life Purpose

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