Be A Hero On A Mission

Be A “Hero On A Mission” (Thank-you Donald Miller)

What Is A Hero On A Mission?

Your life is very much like a great movie, and most great movies have very similar characters.

  • Villain – The bad or evil person unjustly causing pain or hardship for a purpose or organization.
  • Victim – The person or organization who is unjustly being harmed or hindered by the villain.
  • Hero – The person or group who is willing to take risks and do things for the sake of the victims.
  • Guide – The person who has made mistakes, suffered, failed and succeeded as a hero and now is there to advise the hero.

In the course of our lives we all play all these parts at one time or another – let’s be real. I like to put these on a “lifeline”.

Your life, and the life of your business or organization, is drastically better, when you live as a Hero On A Mission. Most of us will never fight battles or lead attacks on an evil empire, but all of us can make a difference for people and causes that matter. Just look at the timeline above and candidly answer 3 questions about your life right now.

  1. Where on the lifeline above are you right now?
  2. Considering where you were 6 months ago, which direction on the lifeline have you been going?
  3. Where do you want to be 6 months from now?

3 Steps To Become A “Hero On A Mission”? 

  1. Discover Your Purpose.  (and FYI:  The Purpose Of A Purpose )
  2. Find A Dream That Moves You In The Right Direction.
  3. List 3 Things You Can Do To Make The Dream Come True.

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