Help! My Days Are A Blur Leaving Me Exhausted, Dissatisfied and Empty.

 Are too many of your days a blur leaving you exhausted, dissatisfied and emotionally empty? You know you were...

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Your Life Needs A Vision

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What Is An O.S.S. & Why Do You Need It?

The “People Process” It is always about the people. Get this right, the rest will follow. Everything is a process,...

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Alignment – The Holy Grail Of Organization Success

If you’ve seen a top-notch rowing team compete you’ve witnessed true alignment. The boat achieves amazing speeds and seems to...

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Discover Your Life Purpose

You can just sit down and write your purpose statement…but you shouldn’t.  If you do you’ll likely come up with...

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The Purpose Of A Purpose

I remember the day so well. It was February of 2003.  I know that because I was sitting in a...

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Lead Like a Shepard in the Workplace

Lead Like a Shepard in the Workplace by Larry Osborne In this study Larry teaches how to lead like a...

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Leading Generously

Leading Generously  by Jack Alexander What is your ambition? Is it for yourself or for others? Does your leadership lead...

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Loving Generously

Loving Generouslyoving Generously by Jack Alexander Do your seek to be around others that can benefit you or that you...

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Marriage by Henry Cloud

In this study Dr. Henry Cloud shares how to grow in your marriage relationship.  He helps you gain wisdom in...

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